Staff at South Texas Christian Academy

Helping Students Grow

Federico Esquivel

Head Principal

Mr. Federico Esquivel brings joy and energy into South Texas Christian Academy, every single day. Our Principal makes sure each student and parent feels welcome. His door is always open to listen and support you needs. He is available: 956-682-1117 ext 112 or via email:


Daniela Leal

Academic Principal

We view ourselves as an extension of the families we serve. I am Dedicated to developing/tailoring the appropriate curriculum for every student at STCA. My door is always open for questions to support your child's academic needs. 956-682-1117 ext 114 or via email:


Leandro Bizama


We believe that every student has a higher calling. We strive to provide an environment where students focus on the things that are eternal. That is why we take time to study the Bible in a class, to worship together as a church, to have personal conversations, to help out through community service, and most of all to inspire each student to find meaning in their lives through a committed and transformational relationship with Jesus. I am available : 956-682-1117 or via email:


Give us a shout if you’d like to learn more about our team or join our ranks.

Business Meeting

South Texas Christian Academy Faculty and Staff

At South Texas Christian Academy, we make it a priority to provide a well-rounded secular and religious education infused with our values and beliefs. We provide the advantage of learning in a diverse and nurturing community, where the process of teaching is tailored to each student.

Students at our school develop a rich spiritual identity, and move on to become self-confident and driven adults with an eternal thirst for knowledge and understanding of the world they inhabit. We understand the importance of educating not just the mind, but the soul of each student.

Mission Statement:

South Texas Christian Academy prepares service-oriented disciples of Jesus to excel spiritually, mentally, physically to impact the Rio Grande Valley and beyond.


Vision Statement:

To educate young men and women to have a pure mind, character and be the hands and feet of Jesus in our world today.