Tuition and fees

Resident students

Prekinder-8th grades

 -Registration fee: $510

 -Tuition: $4950

9th-12th grades

 -Registration fee: $510

 -Tuition: $5750

International students (we sponsor student VISAS)

Prekinder-8th grades

 -Registration fee: $610

 -Tuition: $5950

9th-12th grades

 -Registration fee: $610

 -Tuition: $6750

*Registration fee is due by July 27th 2020.

**International students- registration fee due by enrollment.

****A $ 200.00 nonrefundable deposit for a student ($100.00 for each additional child) is required when reserving a seat for the school year.

Other fees as applicable

Locker: $25.00 per year (6-12)

Textbooks 9-12: online

Transportation: $700.00 (yearly)

Returning Students: $25.00

iPad Fee (10 months): $15.00

New Students:

Admission Test (English & Math): $25.00

Application Fee: $30.00

Tuition discounts

  • Full school year paid by 08/31/2020: 5% discount

  • First Semester (5 months) paid by 08/31/2020: 3% discount

  • Second Semester (5 months) paid by 01/31/2021: 3% discount

If Tuition paid by ACH (bank draft): $10 Discount per month

Multiple Children discount:   25% for 3rd Child+


Scholarship and financial assistance application

There are a limited amount of scholarships for financial aid that are given each year. We would like to thank our benefactors and supporters who are essential to this process.

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